Palm honey has become a gastronomic symbol of La Gomera as it is a true delicacy of the “gomera” nature, it has an intense flavour and is used by the most famous chefs in the World.

Guarapo, name by which it is known to sap the Canary Island date palm (Phoenix Canariensis) also known as "palm", the famous "palm honey" is made, a natural product made exclusively from this sap, no added .

The technique used to extract the palm sap is called guarapeo, and has been carrying out in the Canary Islands since the days before the Conquest. The fact that there are similar practices (date palms in Tunisia) in North Africa, can possibly situate its origin in the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands, from North Africa.

This technique involves cleaning palm leaves until the heart is exposed, then it makes a cut and gradually lowered until it leaves the sap or guarapo. This process of lowering a thin layer of the heart is known as "cure" the palm and is done every day in the afternoon, collecting the juice in the morning, very early, before it can start to ferment due to heat. The is "guarapea" for 4 or 5 months plant after this time, it is left to rest a minimum of 4 years.

The best time for "guarapeo" are the months of March, April, May and June are the best because this is when the palm has collected all the waters of winter. A good palm can generate between 8 and 14 liters of guarapo each day. Palm to "guarapear" must be adult, ie must exceed 5 meters high, taking some of them up to 50 years to achieve.

The "palm honey" is derived from simmer guarapo fire and although it is aware of the practice in all the Canary Islands, the technique of its production was falling into oblivion, reached our days only in La Gomera.

This honey, not from bees but has had that name in La Gomera for hundreds of years for its texture and dulzura.La current European legislation prohibits the use of the word "honey" to define the product extracted from a plant, so currently its technical name is "syrup" although popularly retains its original name.

Uses of palm honey:

Silver honey has been used as food and as a natural remedy in traditional medicine slingshot.

1- As a natural remedy: In diseases throat and colds, is used by gargling or taking it directly. It helps regulate urine and prevents infection. It is useful in rashes and mouth infections and possesses qualities for intestinal ailments. It is a product that can be used as a tonic and for cleaning the body.

2- As food: It is used in many dishes and desserts Canarian cuisine as well as cocktail bar.

Properties of honey palm:

It has a balanced percentage of calories, and a high percentage of basic trace elements, having large amounts of copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc This makes palm honey an ideal sports dietary supplement and it is used in infant feeding.

Cocktail recipe with palm honey: Mojito gomero

 In a long glass:

 1/2 lemon juice, 1 cl Honey Palma

 Shake well then add a few sprigs of gardener (mint), crushing the stem without damaging the leaves and crushed ice


 5 cl white rum and mineral water to taste.

 Mix everything with a spoon. Serve cold and enjoy!