For the summer heat, fruit is always recommended, nutrition experts recommend taking five servings a day. The fruit, besides being a good source of vitamins and minerals, improves the hydration of the organism, it contributes antioxidants and its caloric contribution is low. Contains vegetable fibers, simple carbohydrates and no fat. For example, a seasonal fruit like peach or nectarine, which do you prefer?

Although these fruits are quite similar in color and shape there are several differences, in this post we explain some of them.

The peach has a similar taste to nectarine, but its main difference is the skin. The skin of the peach is soft and diffuse while the skin of nectarine is smooth, without hairs, thinner and reddish and are usually slightly smaller than peaches. The color of the peach ranges from yellow to orange with reddish tones and nectarine from yellow to dark red.

Planta de Durazno 

Although the flavor of the peach is sweeter than nectarine, the flesh of the latter is juicier and, as a curiosity, in China is considered as "the nectar of the gods."

The origin of the nectarine is doubtful, for years it has been believed that it was the result of the plum and peach graft, but according to some experts, it is not clear that this is so.

In recent years several researchers have opted for the theory that this fruit is a variety of peach, which is characterized by smooth skin due to natural mutations that have occurred spontaneously.

Both peach and nectarine provide protein, iodine, carbohydrates, zinc, vitamins A, group B and C (which protect us from free radicals), although nectarine is much richer in vitamin A and B3 than peach .

They have high contents in potassium and very low levels of sodium, which favors the proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system and is a very interesting food to include in the usual diet of people with hypertension or high cholesterol.

They are rich in antioxidants helping us to strengthen our immune system and in biological water so they are recommended for people who drink little water. They are very suitable for the production of collagen helping to heal the lesions. They provide a lot of fiber, especially if we do not remove the skin helping us to maintain a regular intestinal transit. They contain phosphorus favoring the proper formation of bones and teeth and calcium that helps us to keep our bones and muscles healthy. The iron they contain along with vitamin C, avoid iron deficiency anemia and magnesium provides the body with a sedative action, so it is convenient to consume in situations of stress and nervousness.

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