Shiatsu, acupressure means, "Shi" finger and "Atsu" pressure in areas of the body. This therapy, which originated in Japan, is a combination of ancient Eastern practices (massage, acupressure and stretching), seeking to influence the "Chi" or life energy, combined with physiological and anatomical knowledge of Western medicine.

In Japan, Shiatsu therapists have a very extensive training and be examined at the state level to obtain a degree offered by the Ministry of Health.

This technique was created in the early twentieth century by the Japanese Tokujiro Namikoshi, it involves applying pressure with the fingers, especially the thumbs and palms on certain points called meridians.

 Chinese meridians

But ... what are the meridians? They are a network of channels in the human body, connecting all organs, tissues and cells, there is a correspondence between the journey that makes the blood circulatory system, nervous system and lymphatic with the path of the meridians through which flows the Vital energy.

Like acupuncture, in shiatsu, applying some pressure on these meridians by palms and fingers, we can redirect and improve circulation of energy and therefore our health.

Shiatsu, is also related to tai chi or yoga, coinciding with them in their essence, which is based on getting to keep the body in the correct position and that we make both our movements and our breathing in a conscious and accurate.

How shiatsu session takes place? 

The therapist will perform, pressure, stretching and twisting all over the body that promote energy flow and release tension. It is advised not to speak during the session. The temperature should be adequate and the room with music and soothing aromas are usually conditioned. Pressures, tend to be somewhat strong and pleasant while causing total relaxation. The pain at some particular point tell the therapist that there is an imbalance or blockage.

Some benefits of shiatsu

Generates deep relaxation that benefits the general functioning of the body. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic circulation. Balances the nervous, respiratory and digestive system. It stimulates the immune system. Cleanses the body. Improves physical and intellectual performance. Relieves stress, tension, nerves, anxiety, etc.

With the arrival of summer season we usually have more time to take care and a good way to do this is to receive a massage. The Shi-Zen Relax massage in our Beauty Center Club Buganvilla employs Shiatsu techniques and can be a great way to take care of yourself during your vacation.