The Tabata method consists of a high intensity training system. Japanese professor Izumi Tabata designed it after verifying that the same results could be achieved in 4 minutes instead of the conventional one-hour training. But, what does this method consist of? The discipline consists of 8 work intervals of 20 seconds and breaks of 10 seconds. In other words, you have to perform an exercise of your choice during 20 seconds, repeating it as many times as possible, rest for 10 exact seconds and then repeat both periods 7 times more.

This high-intensity training provides results when applied maximum intensity in each interval. However, it is not recommended to speed up during first intervals. The best way to do it is to progressively increase the intensity of the training in order to be able to finish all intervals. This way, you can achieve good results in short time. Tabata is a good way to keep in shape and lose weight quickly.

Since it is a high-intensity method, it is better to perform basic exercises to prevent injuries and overloading the muscles. Choose something simple as exercise, such as squats, push-ups, strides or pull-ups. Once you have chosen the exercise, it is time to give your best.

This method has many benefits, but it is necessary to have a good physical condition to use it. It is important not to forget to warm up and strengthen the muscles to prepare your body for this high intensity training.

Do not be scared! The Tabata method requires maximum capacity but it is very simple to perform. In case you consider that your body is not prepared for the exercises, you can change them; for example, instead of doing squats, you can sit down and get up from a chair. Adjust the exercises to your physical capacity, but do not forget to give your maximum while doing them.

There are many advantages to this method: the training time is shorter, but it is well spent. A session lasts 4 minutes but, putting your maximum capacity into it will have the same results of a session of up to 10 times its duration. This method will improve your performance, prevent the accumulation of fat, and enhance your cardiovascular system and muscular resistance.

When performing the exercises, you should use a timer in order to correctly follow exercising and resting periods. You can always practice it with a partner, who can help you timing intervals. Remember: this method is not a suitable for everyone and daily training is not recommended. It is a high intensity exercise that provides great results but it will also leave you exhausted: twice a week is enough.

With the Tabata method you will manage to keep fit in very short time. You may prepare yourself for this exercise routine in our gym ay Hotel Jardin Tecina, as well as for many others, such as Crossfit, in order to strengthen your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.