"There are three things that every person should do during his life: plant a tree, have a child and write a book" is the famous phrase of Cuban poet José Martí, today in our blog we just want to convince the first of those things.

Mother Earth is a common expression for the planet earth in different countries and regions. This year 2016, April 22 is the Day of Mother Earth, and coincides with the signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which will take place at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.

The topic for this year 2016 is "Trees for Earth". The trees seem to us something as ordinary and common, that sometimes ponder its great importance for the environment and the environment.

We give you 10 reasons to plant a tree this 2016:

1- They help combat climate change: trees through photosynthesis provide part of the oxygen we breathe and eliminate carbon dioxide causing global warming which leads the dreaded greenhouse effect.

2- They allow us to breathe cleaner air: Trees, through their leaves and bark absorb odors and gaseous pollutants (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone).

3- Dampen the rain protecting the soil from erosion: The tree catches the rain, causing it to slowly slide through the leaves, branches and trunk to reach the ground. By not directly drop the water on the ground, the more likely that water infiltrates, being retained in the ground as a reserve. Therefore, the damped the impact of rain and devise less water on the surface, it reduces its corrosive effect on the ground.

4- The roots hold the soil and prevent loss of minerals from the surface: Mineral surface of the earth may be lost by being washed away. In areas with trees or vegetation shortage of water can form grooves and impoverish the earth to turn it sterile

5- Reduce wind speed and filter it: They act as windscreens, very important element erosion. Stop the wind and prevent these drag materials elsewhere. Air passing through the leaves, filter dusts, ashes, smoke, spores, pollen and other impurities carried by the wind. The leaves and rough bark on the stem trap these impurities.

6- They act positively against temperature changes: Temperature changes are another destructive factor soil. Trees help maintain soil moisture, preventing the sun shining directly on it drying.

7- Act as environmental moderators: Forests, held inside a temperature not as extreme as outside them. They provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter. In cities, the loss of trees rising temperatures and soil evaporation.

8- Trees help us to counteract the loss of species: By planting the right trees, can help counter the loss of species. The top of a tree, designed to capture sunlight, it also serves to provide shade, causing welfare on a sunny day and protecting wildlife, the bottom flora and man and their property, the harmful effect of the direct impact of sunlight .

9- Help communities and their livelihoods: Trees help communities achieve economic and environmental sustainability in the long term and provide food, energy and income.

10- Gains on your home investment: If the ecological arguments have convinced you of the importance of planting and conserving trees ... maybe talk you ... economic-property argument: the trees within a property can add up to between 10% and 23 % of the value of a house.

In the Hotel Jardin Tecina, we are aware with environmental protection and the fight against climate change, as you can read in this blog a few weeks ago we participated in a joint action of reforestation on Mount Norwegians, Benchijigua by the Cabildo La Gomera and a large group of hotel guests, we also have several prizes and certifications such as Tui Umwelt Champion, Gold Travel life, Green Seal class A and Seal Registration carbon footprint.