La Gomera offers you 90 kilometers of coast dotted with innumerable coves and beaches hidden among spectacular cliffs. There are for all tastes, urban, semi-urban, isolated and practically virgin, calm waters, moderate waves, black volcanic sand, callaos or a combination of sand and rocks.

Travel alone, with family or friends, you will always find a beach or cove in La Gomera, which is perfect for you and where you will enjoy a bath in an unusual environment. Below we show you, for guidance, some beaches that you can find in La Gomera.

If you are looking for a good beach where in addition to bathing and sunbathing, you can eat in a restaurant near the beach we recommend Playa Santiago, in the southern municipality of Alajeró, with its small fishing port you can taste one of the best fish in La Gomera . In San Sebastián, San Sebastian beach with views of the Maritime Club and the beach of the Caves with a port full of small fishing boats. In Valle Gran Rey, the beach of Calera, the largest of this town located between the rocks and banana trees. In Hermigua in a cove sheltered from the currents, La Caleta, just 10 minutes from the town center (many consider it the best beach in the North). In Vallehermoso, Alojera beach next to an old abandoned pier and surrounded by cliffs.

If you prefer coves and beaches more hidden, practically virgin, very little traffic, where you can connect with nature and even practice naturism, you are in luck, because the list is very extensive. In San Sebastián you can get lost on beaches that can only be reached by boat such as the beaches of Guincho, Suárez and la Roja (Oroja). Beaches like the one of the Goat, in the same municipality, in which you can arrive on foot through a footpath or in boat. Isolated beaches that you can reach on foot or by car part of the way, such as del Inglés beach in Valle Gran Rey or the beaches of Arenas and Argaga in Vallehermoso.

If you are going for intense emotions and enjoy diving on beaches with a strong wind, the beaches of the North of La Gomera in Vallehermoso, Hermigua or Agulo, you will love. In Vallehermoso, you can take a dip in the beach of Trigo and La Sepultura, hidden between cliffs, Playa del Remo, located very close to the cliff of Organs, La Iguala Beach which is considered by the gomeros as one of the best in the island. These beautiful beaches have in common their difficult access, but once there you can stay until dusk and contemplate a beautiful sunset. In Agulo, you can take a dip in the small beach of San Marcos an isolated and unspoiled cove of only 150 meters long and in Hermigua between crops of Bancales you can bathe in the wide beach of Santa Catalina located at the mouth of the Barranco de Hermigua.

After this small summary of the beaches and coves of La Gomera, do you know which you will choose for your next bath in the sea?