La Gomera, is a destination with a high degree of repetition despite the extensive and varied overall offer of destinations that make direct competition and this is due largely to its friendly climate.

On this beautiful island, each municipality is different ... its various microclimates as a continent, leave their mark on the landscape, customs and people. In few kilometers we can move from the magical mists Cedar Forest to clean and blue skies of the south coast.

The region of Playa Santiago, in the south of the island, where is located the Hotel Jardín Tecina, is a clear example. On this coast, dotted with small beaches, coves and intimate enclaves semisavages you will not find crowded beaches, even in summer.

Opposite the north of the island, more exposed to the winds and where the climate is wetter being a mixture of sun and clouds, the south stands as a perfect destination to visit throughout the year. It has an ideal, mild and temperate climate, with more hours of sunshine than the rest of the island of La Gomera and Canary Islands, with low rainfall with an average of 2.5 days of rain per year and with few oscillations, keeping an average temperature of 22.8 ° C all year. This makes Playa de Santiago one of the areas with the best climate in Europe.

It is a unique climate, where winters are mild and summers are nice, like an eternal spring. His secret is to be found in its geographical location, in the cooling trade winds, the cold current of the Gulf of Mexico and the warm influence of the Azores anticyclone. Ocean currents allow the coast alleviate high temperatures in summer thanks to the thermoregulatory effect of water.

If you live in a winter with low temperatures, we invite you to choose the south of La Gomera and Hotel Jardín Tecina, as one of the best European spots to enjoy winter in a pleasant climate destination.

Playa de Santiago, its more than 4,000 hours of sunshine a year will allow you to activate your vitamin D, improve your defenses, lower blood pressure, increase your serotonin .... All this will help you improve your fitness and your mood.