Our island has a curious topography that will surprise you in every corner. Step by step you will discover geological formations, hamlets in the middle of ravines, a dense green mantle that covers everything... we could say that La Gomera itself is a viewpoint. At every place, in every corner, there is something new to discover, a place to admire, a landscape to contemplate...

The viewpoints of La Gomera have scenarios that delight our senses because of their great natural beauty. The island has been sculpted, through the years, by the wind and the sea.

Stopping at its viewpoints means living a unique and unforgettable experience. You will keep images of this natural paradise forever in your memory. Do you want to know, which are the best viewpoints of La Gomera? Here you can find five of them.

1. Viewpoint of Abrante

This viewpoint is the perfect enclave to have incredible views of the neighboring island of Tenerife, with the Teide as protagonist.

Additionally, this viewpoint is also an attraction by itself due toits architectural design. It is not just a regular viewpoint where you look out over a precipice; here, you will have the opportunity to walk on the clouds, as it has a glass extension, where the floor and walls are made of glass allowing the visitor to have a complete view of the Agulo valley.

Its restaurant is another of its attractions.You can enjoy the magnificent views while tasting typical tapas from the island and a creative cuisine with Canarian flavour.

2. Los Roques viewpoint

Have you heard about the "five guardians rocks" that guard the entrance to the Garajonay National Park?

They are huge rounded blocks formed by magma that never came to the surface, which were then exposed by erosion and formed Los Roques viewpoint. This natural monument is located in the division that separates the ravines of La Laja and Benchijigua, formed by: the majestic Roque de Agando and its four companions: Las Lajas, which is flat and inclined; The Zarcita, small and discreet; Carmona, defiant and sharp; and Ojila, bulky and imposing.

 In this viewpoint we can find protected species such as the Senecio Gomero.

3. El Sombrero viewpoint

This is another viewpoint of the island, which deserves a special mention id El Sombrero viewpoint. It is located in one of the Protected Natural Spaces of La Gomera, the Natural Monument of the Barranco del Cabrito. The vegetation that characterizes this ravine is formed by palm trees, piteras, cactus, tabaibas, cardones and some plants that are endangered and at risk of extinction like the Siempreviva Gigante and El Cabezón, both located at inaccessible places.

4. Alto de Garajonay viewpoint

From this viewpoint located at the highest point of the island, you can contemplate La Gomera almost completely on a clear day. It also offers visitors impressive views of other islands such as El Hierro, La Palma or Tenerife.

Due to its strategic location, Alto de Garajonay is surrounded by mystery legends, and it is a perfect enclave for those who enjoy contemplating the sky. It is a spectacular observatory of the Sagittarius and Scorpion constellations.

5. Palmarejo viewpoint

It is also known as César Manrique viewpoint in honor of the Canarian architect who designed it and who managed to combine Canarian and modern elements camouflaging the building into the surrounding rocks.

The views over the ravine of Valle Gran Rey are spectacular. Native plants of the valley grow in its gardens, such as Canarian palms, from which it is obtained the delicious palm honey that is used to prepare many typical dishes of the island.

Undoubtedly, all of La Gomera is full of spectacular scenarios to contemplate, and these are just some of them. Come to the Island and surprise yourself with its beautiful landscapes!