Rooms in Hotel Jardín Tecina have been redesigned with fresher and brighter colours for complete relaxation of our guests. Blue, green, yellow ... the colour of each room has been chosen according to the Neuromarketing; which is a science that considers that colours influence our wellbeing and stimulate positive emotional responses.

In Jardín Tecina the walls of all rooms have been painted with bright and creative colours. Each colour has been strategically chosen considering its effects on people's mood and the views of the rooms. The final result? An atmosphere that conveys warmth, tranquility and comfort for the enjoyment of a pleasant stay in La Gomera.

The Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, considers that colours work as therapeutic tools, improving our well-being; and exercising aspects such as memory or intelligence. For example, Blue is widely used in the western world to convey security, vitality; and it is also related to travelling. The rooms of our hotel that have ocean views have been painted in blue as it is the colour of the Atlantic Ocean. It will help to create and convey that peaceful feeling and an ideal environment where you can fully enjoy your holiday.

The Chromotherapy effects have been proven by the Neuromarketing, which explains that colours help to recognize and remember products intended to be sold. Colours affect us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Neuromarketing determines that each colour transmits a series of sensations. For example, blue symbolizes calmness and security; white expresses purity, innocence and kindness, and it is also associated with hygiene items; red is associated with passion, danger and energy; and therefore, we relate it with beauty articles, soft drinks, and fast food brands; light green- on the other hand- is a colour associated with new ideas in advertising and it is very easy to remember. Therefore, rooms with garden views have been decorated in green tones like those you can find in Garajonay National Park, as they convey relaxation and may be associated with spring, fertility, and the natural world.

Colours can be used to influence emotions and feelings around us, but they also help to improve our daily concentration; therefore, experts recommend, for example, to paint walls in green or blue, if the room is intended for studying purposes.

The Junior Suites have been painted yellow, the most cheerful colour of all. Yellow has the strongest impact on the human retina: it is a positive colour that tries to attract attention; that is why we usually use it to underline. In the tourism sector, it is used to remind travelers about the positive feelings of holidays and to enhance the effect of green and blue colours. In addition, it is proven that it transmits happiness to people between 42 and 63 years old.

Many people have already internalized the values of Neuromarketing although they do not know the theory. For example, we refuse to paint children's room walls in red because it causes irritability; and we rather use blue or green because we find them relaxing.

We use colours giving them a meaning or associating them with an image, so they have positive or negative emotions: yellow reminds us to the light of the sun; blue to the waves of the sea; and green to forests of the most recondite landscapes. Definitely, we have chosen these three colours to decorate the rooms as a call to nature of La Gomera.

Blue, green and yellow colours have now become part of our interior design in Hotel Jardin Tecina, offering all of our guests with the most peaceful and relaxing environment in the Canary island and everything you need to enjoy your holiday in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.