When we think of the beach, two ideas come to mind: fun and relaxation. A place, where we can leave behind the stress, and forget our worries for a few hours. But, did you know that in addition, a day at the beach can report to our health numerous benefits?

When we get to the beach, after placing our towels, the first thing we usually do is to breathe, to breathe deeply. That fabulous smell of sea, the sea breeze, permeates our lungs and acts as a natural spray, very rich in iodine, perfect for regulating the thyroid gland. Its degree of humidity favors the expulsion of mucus, which is why pediatricians usually recommend taking children to the sea to expel the mucus when they are cooled.

The sea breeze, is loaded with negative ions, being 100 meters from the sea, negative ions that can be counted, exceed 50,000 per cubic meter. But do you know what the ions are?

In the Earth's atmosphere, and therefore in the air we breathe every day, there is some electricity. This electricity is formed by particles called ions, which may have a positive or negative charge.

The most beneficial are those of negative charge that are generated in natural environments where there are currents of water: seas, waterfalls, rivers or lakes. Instead, there are places or environments that are charged with positive ions (closed places, before a storm, or having too many electrical appliances). These positive ions affect our health by becoming more irritable, tired, nervous ...

But what are the beneficial effects of negative sea breeze ions?

  • Stimulate neurotransmitters
  • Promotes the production of serotonin
  • Clear the mind
  • Help sleep
  • The respiratory system is purified
  • Restore the PH of the skin

In addition, the sea breeze is loaded with ozone and trace elements, nutrients that we incorporate through the breath.

Near the sea, the air is purer and we all know the importance of good oxygenation to keep the respiratory system clean, our general well-being and a good emotional balance.

Whenever you are on the beach, try to breathe consciously: breathe in slowly counting up to 4, hold inspiration, with your lungs full counting to 4 and then empty all the air counting to 7. Try to repeat this series a minimum of 7 Times in a row.

La Gomera offers you many beaches and almost virgin coves where in addition to swimming and sunbathing you can breathe with a pure marine breeze and recharge you with negative ions. In the hotel Jardín Tecina with its wonderful location in front of the sea you can enjoy the sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean from your balcony.