Valentine's Day, as you well know, is on February 14th. An ideal date to celebrate the love you feel for your partner.
But do you know who St. Valentine was?

According to the legend, St. Valentine was a priest in Rome in the third century ruled by the Emperor Claudius II, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion singles were better soldiers, because they had fewer ties.


The priest, considering that the decree was unfair, secretly held marriages for the young. The emperor Claudius then gave orders that they should imprison Valentine. During his stay in prison, the officer Asterius, in charge of imprisoning him, wanted to ridicule and test the priest. He challenged her to return her sight to her daughter Julia, who was born blind. Valentine accepted and, in the name of the Lord, returned his eyes. Asterius and his family were converted, but this miracle did not restore freedom to the unfortunate priest who remained in prison until Emperor Claudius ordered his martyrdom and execution on February 14th, 270.

The body of St. Valentine is currently preserved in the Basilica of the same name, located in the Italian city of Terni. Every February 14th, in this temple an act of commitment is made by different couples who want to join in marriage the following year.

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Come to live St. Valentine with us, celebrate your love!