The beautiful gardens of the Hotel Jardin Tecina are the ideal place for a walk relax , admire its fantastic flora and the many birds that live in the gardens . Among the birds that we can find , you are the wild canary ( Serinus canaria): a small bird of about 12 centimeters long, green plumage and about 16 grams of average weight , whose importance far exceeds their small size.

Considered by the Government of the Canary Islands, as one of the natural symbols of the archipelago along with the Canary Island date palm, this bird is native to the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira and is considered close relative of the European verdecillo -Serinus serinus- being its larger size to the latter.

Serinus canaria -Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain-8 (1) 

The most accepted about the origin of its name, theory asserts that comes from the Canary Islands, being in these islands where more of these birds were found.

The wild canary is smaller than the domestic canary, is a docile character and is not usually frightened by the presence of man. Lives in a variety of ecosystems, being very common in semi-open areas with small trees as orchards and groves. It is also found in man habitats such as parks and gardens created.

The color of the plumage of males is more alive than females and older males green feather color becomes yellowish. The male wild canary is singing and it does essentially to communicate to other canaries that this is their territory and to attract females.

It feeds mainly eats seeds but also buds, green buds and fruits ... especially ripe figs that are their favorite delicacy.

A walk through our gardens will allow you to hear, among others, singing the wonderful wild canary.