Maybe you are not aware that La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canary Islands, however, it is not so common to find so much beauty in such small space.

You will feel surrounded by magic when visiting La Gomera, a real magic that surrounds everything, from its wonderful black sand beaches to its spectacular ravines where the wind meets the sea.

The complex orography of the island is due to the water erosion that has formed numerous ravines, high cliffs and shaped some of the rocks over the years, creating spectacular geomorphology such as Los Organos Natural Monument.


Visiting La Gomera on a day-trip is not an easy task, one day will not be enough time to discover all its beauty, however, we recommend visiting the majestic Roque de Agando, a symbolic and emblematic rock formation that you should not miss.

Roque de Agando is located within the Garajonay National Park, a laurel forest declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, full of popular urban legend.

Los Roques natural monument is of volcanic origin, like the rest of the geography of the island.

The magma has been sculpted by wind and water erosion through the years to transform the rock formations that rise towards the majestic sky into guardians of the island.


Between nature and vegetation, Roque de Agando stands out for its majesty, which reaches an altitude of 1,250 meters with a round shape.

Surrounding its base, the traveller can find a variety of nature that will never fail to amaze you. Besides all the unique and native species of the island, you will also find the beautiful Canarian pines among the vegetation. Did you know that it is the most popular tree in the archipelago? You can also see the flower of May Gomera and the singular chachorra, a wild plant very difficult to find.

Undoubtedly a must-see place where many routes and excursions in La Gomera start from. One of the most popular routes is the walk from Roque de Agando to Santiago Beach.

The views on this route are stunning, however, it could be difficult for children since it is considered as a medium-difficulty route with a steep slope at the beginning. If you have reached the spectacular and majestic Roque de Agando and have decided to take this tour, then you will see the monument in memory of the victims of the1984. A tragedy that began with a fire broke out in La Gomera in September 1984. An unexpected change in wind speed and direction spread the fire ending the lives of many people who fought against the flames, and defended the nature of their island to the end.

A fact that we cannot forget to mention since it is part of our history.

Among all the myths and legends that surround and characterize the places of the island of La Gomera, we cannot forget  Roque de Agando.

The popular legends, are characteristics of each corner of the island of La Gomera, and so is the legend of Roque de Agando that says that the aborigines of the island considered the Roque as a magical place and at the top of the rock, they eleven found stone carvings known as 'Agar braziers' and fragments of animal bones that could be the result of religious sacrifices that can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum of La Gomera

Do you think you have enough reasons to take a trip to La Gomera and visit our majestic Roque de Agando?