Today we propose a walk through Agulo, a beautiful northern municipality, open to the Atlantic Ocean, with the majestic volcano of Teide always present in its landscapes. Take a stroll through this beautiful village, small haven of peace surrounded by nature, will conquer you.

The village of Agulo, is located in the interior of an impressive natural depression of semicircular form. Founded at the beginning of the 17th century, it is one of the oldest villages in La Gomera, due to its undeniable attractiveness and its careful appearance is known as "the smasher of La Gomera".

The municipality of Agulo is mainly distributed in two areas, in the lower area you can visit its historic quarter or the picturesque neighborhood of Lepe and in the high or mountain area, the hamlets of La Palmita, Las Rosas, Meriga and Cruz de Tierno.

Its beautiful town is formed by the neighborhoods of El Charco, Las Casas and Montañeta. The old town of Agulo is one of the best preserved of the Canary Islands, and invites you to get lost in its narrow cobbled streets, its white houses crowned by red tiles, with their beautiful balconies, patios and huertecillos, which are magnificent examples of the traditional Canarian architecture. The church of San Marcos (patron of the municipality) and the square of Leoncio Bento are unavoidable visits.

The surroundings of Agulo, have beautiful landscapes and as in the other municipalities of La Gomera, has a network of very extensive and well-maintained trails that will allow you to discover natural spaces that are unique in the landscape of the island. The municipality counts on surface of the protected natural spaces of the Garajonay National Park and the Natural Monument of Roque Blanco.

Agulo also has several viewpoints from where you can contemplate the beautiful landscapes of the area, among which stand out "Mirador de Abrante", "Mirador Montaña del Dinero" and "Mirador del Roque Blanco".

From the Mirador de Abrante, located at the highest point of Abrante, and on an impressive glass cantilever, you can contemplate a beautiful panorama of the whole town of Agulo and its three main nuclei that make up the lower part of the municipality, El Charco , Las Casas and La Montañeta and always having as a backdrop, the south of the island of Tenerife with its majestic volcano Teide. This viewpoint also has a cafeteria - restaurant with a very good selection of tapas and local dishes.

In the mirador Montaña del Dinero you will have an impressive panoramic of valleys and hills of the north slope of the Garajonay National Park covered of Monteverde.

And if you approach to the viewpoint of the Roque Blanco you can observe much of the Natural Monument of Roque Blanco and one of the most remote areas of the Island, the village of El Teón and the basin of Vallehermoso.