There is a nice allegory written by Pratima Raichur, a well known author of books about Ayurveda. The allegory says:

"A deer is attracted by a delicious aroma floating in the air, but although he tirelessly searches every corner of the forest, unable to find it. With a sad look, deer do not understand that wonderful aroma is born inside his own belly. The deer will only reach perfection that craves when he looks inside."

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine system originated in India. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda comprises the words ayus, meaning "life" and veda, meaning "science." The "science or knowledge of life". The classic books of Ayurveda in their written form are almost 5.000 years old, although many aspects of Vedic knowledge have been passed down orally for thousands of years. It is believed that following the invasion of Alexander the Great in 326 B.C., was taken to Greece and other parts of the ancient world.GodofayurvedaAyurveda offers a holistic view of human beings, is based on a comprehensive view of life, saying that spirit, body and environment are the same thing, being necessary to ensure the balance of these three factors to achieve health full both physical and mental.

It has been recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a complete system of alternative medicine, promoting health and longer life through preventive treatments.

Ayurveda massage: a fundamental tool

One of the most important preventive tools of Ayurvedic treatment is massage. It is based on the concept of dosha (a unique blend of energies that each being has, according to Ayurveda) and marmas (or vital pressure points) as additional treatment for a disease or condition.

How is Ayurveda massage?

To give an ayurvedic massage using hands, feet, elbows, forearms and spheres. The movements are similar to those of a traditional massage, but this method seeks to provide a specific experience for each dosha. This type of massage uses essential oils and massage specific marma points to alleviate diseases or conditions harmful to health.

There are different types of massage as Abhyanga Ayurveda, massaging his forehead; the Vishesh, deep muscle massage; Udwarthanam, slimming; Pzichili, with warm oil and four hands and many others. The style and intensity of massage depend on the therapeutic needs you have.

Such treatments promote good physiological functioning of the body, metabolic efficiency and balance, toning and tissue regeneration. Facilitate calm, mental clarity and provides comfort, encouragement and tranquility. The body acquires lightness and energy. It revitalizes the skin, muscle and nervous tissue, eases the blood and lymph circulation and improves the endocrine system.

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Relax and enjoy your inner beauty!