The climate of the Canary Islands is world renowned for its beneficial health effects. Mild temperatures and ease to enjoy the water, the air, the sun and the earth in one day make La Gomera an authentic natural spa.

From the time of the Greeks, the Canary Islands are known for the healthy properties and the healing effects of its climate. From the seventeenth century, expeditions captained by famous explorers and naturalists of the time as William Dampier, Nicolas Baudin, James Cook or Alexander von Humboldt, calling at the islands, contributed to spreading the benefits of the Canarian climate against lung diseases and other pathologies.

In the eighteenth century, William Anderson, a physician and naturalist aboard the "Resolution" frigate third trip of James Cook, wrote after his visit to the Islands' air and climate are remarkably healthy, particularly suited to provide relief diseases such as tuberculosis "and advised doctors to recommend their patients to travel to the Canaries. Subsequently, the doctor also John White also highlighted the unique benefits of climate canary, "I do not know any better for convalescence of the sick."

Doctors from all over Europe, with the popularization of travel, began recommending the Canary Islands for therapies based on sea water baths and outdoor life with the benefit of a sea breeze. Following its recommendation, the late nineteenth century were already thousands of tourists visiting the islands to cure or alleviate rheumatic, skin and especially respiratory diseases. The Canary Islands had become an exceptional revitalizing destination where renewed physical and mentally with all kinds of treatments using the therapeutic qualities of the natural elements and is currently one of its main attractions.

Further information about the climate of the Canary Islands and La Gomera: