The tables of the families of La Gomera, as tradition requires, dress up for such an important occasion as Christmas.

In La Gomera we have our typical Christmas recipes. For all those who come to visit us at these dates or for those who intend to do so in the future, we want to leave here a small summary of our gastronomy so that they can take a delicious memory. 

All Canarian food celebration starts with a good soup. The most traditional are those made with poultry like the traditional and simple chicken broth, or more elaborate recipes such as canary soup (chicken meat, turtledove and pigeon) or chopped beef soup (with beef and chicken ).

Among the fish, the most used in these dates are cod and cherne prepared in different ways (onions, baked, etc.). In the meats they emphasize the kid in adobo or the rabbit in salmorejo, although there are also stews and casseroles of birds, especially of hen.

Both fish and meat are usually served with crumpled chips, dipped in a tasty mojo of cilantro or picón.

As Christmas is time for sweets and desserts, you can not miss on a table of La Gomera, the vilana cake, one of the most traditional and exquisite desserts of La Gomera composed of stewed potatoes, eggs, sugar, butter, raisins, almonds, raisins , Lemon zest, ground cinnamon, flour, breadcrumbs and fine salt. Its name comes from the container in which it is made, which is a metal vilana for baking.

The "trout", Christmas sweet par excellence in the Canary Islands, are a kind of pastry dumplings stuffed with sweet potato or angel hair, coated in sugar. Its ingredients are: flour, yellow sweet potato or angel hair, peeled almonds, lemon zest, butter for puff pastry, olive oil, ground cinnamon and salt.

The sweets from La Gomera, are very varied and enjoy a recognized prestige as a handmade product and quality in all the Canary Islands. Cookies and biscuits can be the final touch to a tasty meal where lollipops, morones or mantecados gomeros, dumb cookies, vichí rosquetes, curd cake ... are the main protagonists.

And to finish off a Christmas meal in La Gomera, nothing better than a traditional liquor. Prepared with ground spirit. There are several types, but the most frequent are anise, orange and cinnamon and of course the well-known mistela, made with white wine, spices, orange peel, caramelized sugar and grape brandy.

We hope you have opened your appetite and we will be happy to welcome you this Christmas so that you can enjoy our Christmas delights. The Hotel Jardín Tecina wishes you a Merry Christmas!