Eco Finca Tecina is our ecological commitment for a sustainable environment in the Canary Islands, recognizing the fact that as human beings we are part of nature, if we protect it, we protect ourselves and therefore, we help preserve the legacy of future generations.

In this line of protection and respect for the environment, we have recently launched an ecological farm project called Eco Finca Tecina is an ecological agriculture habitat with 9,500 square meters divided into 19 plots.

In our farm, to obtain fruits, vegetables and ecological vegetables we take care of the quality of the land, the type of irrigation water, the type of fertilizer, the way to control the pests, the way to preserve the product once collected, etc. All these factors directly influence the composition, organoleptic qualities (taste, smell, color, texture ...) and the nutritional quality of food.

We are based on the principles of permaculture, a design system that seeks to create sustainable human settlements, capable of producing to meet their needs, without exploiting resources or contaminate. The plantations are designed to make the most of the sun, water and block the wind. The excess or waste produced by plants, animals and human activities is used to benefit other parts of the system. We seek to integrate quality of life, forms of production, and agricultural resources into a holistic management of the land.

We minimize the use of agricultural machinery, as it causes soil damage such as erosion loss, causes physical soil degradation that damages its structure and produces crusts on the surface and compact layers inside it reduce the rates of water infiltration and gas circulation and all directly affect the growth of plants.

We let the fruits mature at their own pace and the soil is fertilized with organic matter and compost that enrich the soil, among others nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, essential for the growth of plants.

We do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers because these substances remain in the environment for years, polluting the water and soil (it acidifies it, favors its erosion, alters its chemical and physical properties, affects flora and fauna, etc.) .

We use crop rotation and association techniques. In a single plot, we alternate plants of different families and different nutritional needs during different cycles, avoiding that the soil is exhausted. The roots of the various plants that will follow will be able to explore all the layers of the earth and to use in balanced proportion the elements that they contain. We associate plants to help each other and in this way take advantage of a more efficient way land, space, water, the sun, as some plants grow in height, others cover the ground, some have deep roots other have Roots that grow horizontally, the plants affected by the sun take advantage of the shadow of those who seek it.

At the Tecina Garden hotel, we always try to make our actions leave a green mark on the planet. In recognition of this effort we have received several environmental awards such as the Green Seal Class A and the Carbon Footprint Registration Seal.

Eco Finca Tecina, in short, is a pioneering ecological project in the Canary Islands in which we work to avoid overexploitation of the soil and we try to protect to the maximum the quality of the land for future crops.

If you want to immerse yourself in the ecological spirit that surrounds our farm do not hesitate to visit us every Tuesday at 10:00 am, we wait for you.