La Gomera has a network of over 600 kilometers of trails. There are trails for all tastes: with different levels of difficulty for those who like challenging themselves; from very long to short trails; those in which you can always walk through the shadow of the lush laurisilva trees; and trails where you walk with an ocean view. This large number of trails on the island of La Gomera is due to the unique orography of the island. Ancestors had to walk because it was very difficult to build roads, creating the many paths we can enjoy today.

Whenever you go hiking, do not forget to take some snacks with you, as well as a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes, water, and your mobile full of battery. Better safe than sorry! Let's see 5 interesting proposals:


1. Vallehermoso - Ermita Santa Clara - Arguamul - Tazo – Alojera

  • Trail: linear.
  • Route: long distance.
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Difficulty: moderate.

A linear route of 14 kilometers with an estimated time to complete of four hours. Take into account its unevenness since it almost reaches a thousand meters, and it is also advisable to wear warm clothing. The climbing partis just at the beginning of the route, so the rest of it is a nice descent. This trail has good access and signage, and no accident risk.

It starts in the charming town of Vallehermoso and, after the climbing part we mentioned, it arrives at the Hermitage of Santa Clara, in which you will find an-hour-walk descent to arrive to the Hamlet of Arguamul. You can continue your walk down from the Hamlet- part of this trail is made by the road- although from Tazo, you can also choose to take the old path that leads to Alojera.

  1. Pajarito - Alto de Garajonay – Pajarito
  • Trail: circular.
  • Route: short distance.
  • Duración: 75 minutes.
  • Difficulty: easy.

Those who visit La Gomera cannot miss one of these jewels of the Canary Islands: the Garajonay National Park. We propose a simple circular route of just over a kilometer and an estimate time to complete of a little more than an hour. The difference in level is not significant, as it barely exceeds 250 meters, who could imagine that you reach the highest point of La Gomera: "El Alto de Garajonay"?

In addition to the diverse flora you will enjoy on this trail, it also has an important cultural attraction: you will find archaeological sites where you can "read" about some of the religious ceremonies of the ancient inhabitants of the island.


  1. Las Creces
  • Trail: circular.
  • Route: medium distance.
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Dificultty: easy.

We propose another circular path in a wonderful environment since Garajonay is one of the most impressive places in la Gomera. This one is longer than the previous we described- itreaches four kilometers- but it is one of hikers’ favorites since it is not so uneven and it can be completed in two hours.

It receives the name of the recreational area and stands out for its calmness; but also, for the great variety of plants that you find on the sides of the road during the whole journey: you can find heather, fayas, ortigones, acebiño, Canarian geraniums and a leafy forest of ferns. Another peculiarity is that on the second part of the path, you will walk through a field full of aromatic plants such as mint, thyme or mountain pennyroyal.

Finches are also accustomed to the human presence on this area of ​​the island, so it is not uncommon to see them near the road. After crossing the bottom of a ravine, you will find a crossroad where you will have to take the ramp on the left, which will lead you to another junction, where you will have to take the left branch again to reach to the recreational area of ​​”The Creces".


  1. Guarimiar - Lasadoe - Imada – Guarimiar
  • Trail: circular.
  • Route: long distance.
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • Difficulty: Difficult.

This circular trail walks through Imada, one of the most beautiful villages on the island and its spectacular ravine, Guarimar. The route is more difficult than the previous ones since it has almost 11 kilometers in total. Given that ravines are its main feature, it reaches a height of 700 meters and can be completed in four hours.

From Hermitage of Guarimaiar, crossing the path to the ravine with the same name, it is reached the Benchijigua-Pastrana. At this point, you will have a monumental view of Roque de Agando. Finishing the ravine of Imada, you will arrive to the Hamlet of Imada. From there, you will walk down through a canyon that will take you back to the Hermitage, the starting point.


  1. San Sebastián - playa de La Guancha
  • Trail: lineal.
  • Route: medium distance.
  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Difficulty: easy.

So far we have just considered interior routes of the island, but... we are on an island! So we can not miss walking by the seashore.

This trail is a good linear walk of eight and a half kilometers. The height difference is not difficult, but it is about 190 meters. It is also a fantastic excuse to know the capital of the island, from which the linear route starts. The path practically never leaves the coast and it will take you to a quiet beach of Gusncha.

This path is considered an especially relaxing route, so... why don't you celebrate it by swimming in the sea?