La Gomera is pure nature, full of contrasts, ideal for the traveler who wants to feel nature, stroll along its paths, discover the forests, its high rocks, walk through its deep ravines or admire the volcanic domes, the ancient petrified boilers, fruit of the ancient volcanic activity of the island. La Gomera is a different island that moves away from the concept of mass tourism.

Climate change and the growing deterioration of planet Earth have been increasing the need to conserve and protect the environment. In La Gomera we have seventeen protected natural areas.

The Canarian Network of Protected Natural Areas, where the most significant habitats and main biodiversity centers are represented, includes eight different categories of protection: National Parks (Garajonay National Park), Natural Parks (Majona Natural Park) and Rural Parks Rural areas of Valle Gran Rey), Integral Natural Reserves (Natural Integral Reserve of Benchijigua) and Special Natural Reserves (Special Natural Reserve of Puntallana), Natural Monuments (Organs, Roque Cano, Roque Blanco, La Fortaleza, Barranco del Cabrito , La Caldera, Lomo del Carretón and Los Roques de Orone), the Protected Landscapes (Protected Landscape of Orone) and Sites of Scientific Interest (Alajeró cliffs, El Charco del Conde and Cieno). In La Gomera, all the protection figures that collect the order are gathered, being also the unique island of the archipelago, that unites the eight categories.

Likewise, the Garajonay National Park was declared in 1986 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This park is home to an authentic treasure, laurel groves wrapped in a sea of ​​clouds, a living relic of the moist forests that populated the Mediterranean basin during the Tertiary Era.

La Gomera, was also declared in 2012 as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the category of Excellent. This declaration covers not only the entire land area but also a large part of its marine area.

The Natura 2000 Network, a network of biodiversity conservation areas in the European Union, has designated in 2011 as Special Areas of Conservation (ZEC) the Santiago-Valle Gran Rey Marine Strip and the Coast of Los Organos.

Without doubt the island of La Gomera, has much to offer to all people interested in natural values, if you are one of them ... We wish you a happy trip to La Gomera!