Good weather invites to walk, enjoy nature, the outdoors and also ... if we exercise, much better! Today we offer a way of walking that has become fashionable, increasingly adds more followers by the benefits to health and you can practice in La Gomera's numerous trails: the Nordic walking.

This practice, which emerged in northern Europe in the 30s, the skiers used to train the months when there was no snow, particularly in summer and autumn. This allowed them to stay in shape for greater intensity workouts conducted in winter.

What does it consist of?
Technically it is a way of walking, at a sustained rate, with the help of some similar to ski poles. With this way of walking, a large number of muscle groups working in the same movement, (many more than in the runnig) and accelerates metabolism .. It is a very simple activity but one that requires coordination. Improvisation or simply buying canes is not enough ... you need to learn the technique.

Who can practice?
You can practice any age, as you train the whole body, without tire him without damaging the joints. Even pregnant women can practice it, because it is low impact and safe.

What are its health benefits?
- In the same move several muscle groups like the abdominals, chest, back, arms and legs are used.
By their beneficial effect on metabolism is indicated in those who suffer from obesity or diabetes.
- It is a cardiovascular activity, which improves oxygenation and cardiovascular capacity. It also has a high caloric intake.
- Exerts little pressure on joints (ankles, knees and hips).
- Strengthens the back and arms.
- Improves strength, endurance, speed and elasticity
- Improved coordination, stability and balance, serving as support for treatment of complex diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's.

Basics of the original technique:
1. Walk naturally. The correct movement begins when the heel touches the ground and ends when the toes and push off the ground.
2. You must keep your shoulders relaxed and not grip the stick very strong. Hands and canes should be kept close to your body.
3. The rods have to keep a diagonal position.
4. It is a coordinated movement, so the left foot forward while he does the right arm and vice versa.
5. Try to push with his stick, just behind the line with the pelvis.
6. Open the palm when you end the push stick and take it quickly forward.
Uphill stride should be longer and leaning forward. Intensifies the movement of your arms and legs.
On descents stride should be smaller while keeping your knees bent, leaning back slightly. Keep walking sticks behind. Supports the heel and then the rest of the foot first. The body weight is distributed among the support staff on the ground and the heel of the opposite foot.

A good way to practice Nordic walking during your holiday in La Gomera can be started with this path from the Roque de Agando to Playa de Santiago.