Life is full of small pleasures, like savoring a good wine. In La Gomera you will find excellent wines, mostly white, with an average intensity and with citric touches. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of secret grapes, unique in the world.

The cultivation of wine in La Gomera is an arduous task for the gomero wine-grower, who, faced with the abrupt orography of the island, has been forced to build terraces or terraces of stone, digging the slopes of the mountains, in order to soften the Great terrain slopes. An enormous work, which has endowed the landscape with great beauty, but which, in turn, has prevented its mechanization.
In La Gomera you will find excellent wines, mostly white, with an average intensity and with citric touches.

The first strains introduced in La Gomera were in the 15th century by the conquerors of the Iberian Peninsula. Two centuries later, from the 17th century and coinciding with the collapse of sugar cane cultivation, the grapevine acquired a predominant role in the Gomera economy, especially in the northern part of the island.

The grapes that are currently born in La Gomera, therefore have their origin in those brought by the conquerors, but since the arrival of the first strains, have been exposed to multiple phenomena that have made them evolve slowly but persistently, making them varieties.
The reason for this originality lies in the crossing between sister varieties with a very similar genetic load, the adaptation to the different conditions that have acted as natural selector over the centuries, the accumulation of mutations to the orange blossom that has given rise to new Varietal forms within the same variety and the direct action of the man who has acted as an enhancer.
In this sense, the so-called "forastera blanca junoniense" variety, also called "forastera gomera" because it is a unique and exclusive species of the island, is the most representative variety of the island and the best enologically considered, occupies 85% of the Crops of La Gomera and 90% of the production, is according to diverse scientific studies, a variety with a unique profile, since its genetic characteristics differ from those that are cultivated in Europe and even of the rest of the world.
The isolation of La Gomera for centuries has allowed the antiquity of this variety of white forastera to reach about 500 years against the 150 years of the vines of Europe. The reason lies precisely in insularity, which prevented the plague of phylloxera that devastated crops throughout Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century reached as far as La Gomera. Over time this species has been adapting to the island geography and adopting its own personality.
The 2015 harvest, has been one of the best in recent years and the 14 wineries that make up the Wine Regulatory Council of La Gomera, have produced 130,000 bottles of an excellent wine full of nuances, composed between 70 and 80 percent By the exclusive variety white forastera or "forastera gomera". We leave to your choice which you want to taste to accompany that special moment in the different restaurants of our hotel.