La Gomera is a "viewpoint" island, with fascinating landscapes broken by mountains and valleys, that go from the volcanic brown to the most exuberant green. Forests, volcanoes, natural pools, beaches ... a nature full of contrasts that can be seen in all its splendor from the network of viewpoints of the island.

Today we propose, a walk in the northwest of the island, Vallehermoso, where the cultivation of the vineyard had great importance in its history and has defined its landscape. To get a vertical view of the landscape you can visit the Almendrillo viewpoint, located 500 meters above the town center of Vallehermoso.

This viewpoint, gives you an overview of the wider basin of La Gomera. In its channel, of intense green, is the town of Vallehermoso surrounded by terraces of vineyards. The palm trees cedes the passage to the sabinas, that become in this area, one the best forests of Sabina Canaria of the Archipelago. You can also see parts of the neighborhoods of Macayo, Fortaleza, El Ingenio and Valle Abajo, and if you look behind you, you will find the imposing figure of Roque Cano.

Once we have enjoyed the views, we can head to the historic center of Vallehermoso, which is located around the Plaza de la Constitución and the neighborhoods of Triana and Vegueta. The historic center is dotted with quaint traditional whitewashed houses, tiled roofs and fine woods. The Plaza de la Constitución is a fantastic place to take something on some of its terraces and replenish forces to continue with the tour.

The founding nucleus of this helmet, originated in the middle of century XVI around the primitive church of San Juan Bautista. The current church, which we can see, is one of the largest on the island, with a neogothic style and a Latin cross, was built in 1910.

We cannot leave Vallehermoso without having visited Roque Cano. On the right bank of the ravine of the same name, on a slope that surrounds the old town. This rock formation, is a natural monument and symbol of the island together with Roque Agando. There is a representation of flora associated with the rocks, of the most interesting of the island, where there are no endemism of La Gomera and also threatened like the gomera magarza, lighthouse or rue gomera.

Its walls rise to 250 meters in altitude and is ideal for climbing. Of course, due to its great geological and landscape value, in order to scale it, it is necessary to have previously obtained a special permit from the Cabildo de la Gomera. If you get the authorization, the south face is the least complex and if you are an experienced climber who likes challenges, we recommend climbing the west face.

In our website you have a list of Vallehermoso Viewpoints in case you are planning to make an excursion to the north of La Gomera when you come to visit us.