Today we are going to talk about Majona Natural Park, an exceptional place of great environmental value, where erosion has formed spectacular ravines and incredible cliffs that defy the sea.

This area is classified as a Special Conservation Zone, is part of the Natura 2000 network and also holds the status of Ecological Sensitivity Area. 

This natural paradise is located in the northwest of La Gomera, in one of the wildest areas of the island, covering part of the municipalities of San Sebastián and Hermigua. Two large ravines, which descend from the Altos de Enchereda, make up this beautiful park: the ravines of Majona and Juel.

Majona, was a communal pasture, surviving in it, vestiges of livestock and agricultural activity in some isolated hamlets such as Taguluche, Juel or Enchereda.

The Natural Park has different microclimates and habitats, which give rise to a very varied flora. Thus we can observe a vegetation that extends from the upper part adjoining the Garajonay National Park, where the fayal-brezal acquires all the prominence, bottoms of ravines where laurisilva grows, to the coast, with palm trees, tabaibas and cardones.

The upper part of the Majona Natural Park has acquired great importance as a source of water. There the mist is filtered through the vegetation and the trade winds, filling the aquifers of the Hurona or Juel canals, which supply the municipalities of San Sebastián and Hermigua.

This beautiful place, has become a place of scientific interest since it houses several endemic plant species and endangered, such as the cardoncillo and bejeques. Its ethnographic value is also undeniable because the area has natural caves, rock engravings and ancient sacrificial aras.

In terms of fauna, within the limits of the Park, 31 species have been counted, among which reptiles and birds stand out. Among the reptiles, the three endemic species of the island are present; gomero lizard, the gomero perenquén and the smooth lizard.

68% of all the birds of La Gomera live in this Natural Park, so it is worth getting lost in their domains if you are passionate about bird watching.

The Natural Park of Majona, as you will have seen, is the ideal setting for hiking and observing nature in its purest form.