If you love birds, you can not miss La Gomera. Canary is a privileged place for the study and bird watching, as there are 67 areas IBA (Important Bird Areas).
This hobby, which requires little equipment and patience, has become in recent years a popular activity in the field of ecotourism. It helps us to see the middle otherwise, to care for the conservation of birds and the environment where they live.

In principle, we do not need many things, to start suffice binoculars, a bird guide, a notebook of field you write down the date, time and place of the sightings, relative size, wings, tail ... plumage colors, foods they eat, behavior, etc. If you want to watch birds at a great distance you can include a telescope with tripod.

In La Gomera, there are many places where you can practice bird watching, Natural Parks, National Parks, Natural Areas... In the ecosystem of the Canarian laurisilva we can find two native species, the laurel pigeon (one of the natural symbols of the island of La Gomera) and the (larger than the previous one) Bolle pigeon. In the coastal zone, abundant gulls and shearwaters that, at nightfall, with great fanfare return to their nests in the cliffs. In the lower areas of the island, where agricultural activities are developed, fishing, tourism, there are also some spaces little or no gradients in which we can enjoy Senegalese turtledove (bird very confident to human presence) and the partridge in areas cultivation of bananas. In mediocrities and ravines of the island, we can spot kestrels, partridges, pardillos, canaries, mosquito nets and road bisbitas. In wetlands as reservoirs or ponds, we find herons, moorhens, coots and alpispas.

So you can expand the number of sighted species, it is necessary to practice, get used to look closely at the landscape, listen to recordings of sounds and songs to help you identify them, if you want to get close to the birds should not make noise or sudden movements and wear clothes muted tones.

The gardens of the Hotel Jardin Tecina will offer another gift. The variety of birds that have chosen the Hotel Jardin Tecina home and surroundings as is. In the gardens of our hotel, the observer passerby, discover species such as the lapwing, the canary, the Moorish sparrow, canary fly, blackbird or dove gray and with some luck you can see more elusive species such as the osprey. On our website we have a fantastic photographic archive that you can use as a reference before starting your own adventure bird watching in La Gomera