Today, concerned about our health, eating has become a major issue due to the increasing appearance of diseases related to a food that is plagued with toxic substances, a consequence of resource intensive exploitation and poorly regulated.
Faced with this reality, there are alternatives such as organic food that support a model of protective development of the planet, the environment and health, human and other living beings. A food, more synchronized with the climatic seasons, with the natural production cycles, which dispenses with the chemical products and bet for products more imperfect in their presentation but less toxic and purer in terms of their nutritional quality.

There are many reasons to bet on the daily consumption of fruits, vegetables and organic vegetables, here are some of them:
- More nutritious: They contain more nutrients by having a higher proportion of dry matter and a higher concentration of vitamin C. Conventional (non-organic) foods are fertilized with inorganic fertilizers (mainly nitrates), which cause the plants to try to dilute them Remove them) by absorbing more water, so that these vegetables are larger, and even prettier but more nutrient poor as their water content is higher and they are also weaker (last for less). Thus, chemical fertilizers deplete and impoverish the soil in microminerals, decrease the resistance of plants to insects (which must be combated with more toxic products) and shorten the shelf life of plants.
- Locally produced: They are produced in our area of ​​residence and therefore arrive more fresh to our table, there being no prolonged time between the collection and the arrival to the consumer. On the contrary, in the case of intensive farming vegetables, they spend much of their time in cold rooms or in the air, and this reduces their vitamin and energy content.
- Seasonal: They are harvested at the right time of ripening. In industrial agriculture, due to the long chain of intermediation (producer, collector, market, retailer) long periods of conservation are necessary (already reduced by the use of chemical fertilizers) reason why the green product is usually collected. The maturation cycle ends in cold rooms, as maturation is not allowed in the plant, and consequently, the plants lose nutrients.
- Can be consumed with the peel, without peeling, since it is in the shell and in the part that is in contact with it, where they accumulate the most amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In this way we avoid the wastage of nutrients that occurs when having to peel the food to eliminate the pesticides.
- They are not treated with pesticides, toxic chemicals that are used in conventional agriculture to control herbs, fungi and insects.
- They come from natural seeds, not genetically manipulated and are irrigated with pure and clean water.
In summary, organic foods do not have: Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, heavy metals ... their taste, smell and nutrients remain intact and your health will be favored with their intake.
At the Jardín Tecina Hotel, we are committed to a healthy and quality food, so we include in our dishes ecological products of our "Eco Finca Tecina", products that respect the environment, which maintain the natural taste and smell and all its nutrients .
We produce by following the patterns of natural ecosystems, to meet our own needs, without overexploiting resources or contaminate, being a sustainable project in the long term.
Likewise, we have implemented a planning and decision-making system that helps us better manage agricultural resources to reap environmental, economic and social benefits in a sustainable and regenerative way.
If you want to check first hand, how we grow our fruits, vegetables and organic vegetables, we wait for you every Tuesday at 10.30 in our "Eco Finca Tecina".