La Gomera was created, just like the rest of the Canary Islands, by the eruption of submarine volcanoes that emerged from the ocean and formed the surface we have today and the beautiful geological corners we can contemplate: a whim of nature that you can observe and admire from the sea!

The structure of the island is made up of submarine materials and volcanic rocks, which have given shape to unique geographical landscapes of infinite beauty. Some of these areas are inaccessible by foot, so can enjoy these magnificent views; that you will not find on walking tours, from a boat. From the sea, you can admire the oldest face of the island, the one that goes back to the time of volcanic eruptions and that keeps intact its beautiful and historic landscape.

The base on which all the Canary Islands are erected is called the Basal Complex; an underwater construction whose materials can still be seen today at some parts of La Gomera. This islandis precisely one of those that conserve this ancient geological basement, composed of volcanic rocks, submarine deposits and sedimentary remains.

If you want to discover the volcanic coast of La Gomera, start your tour at the north coast of the island. Get on board on one of the boats that sail along the coast, where you will enjoy guided tours and a dream route with incredible sights that you will hardly forget.

The first stop of this route is "Los Anillos de Liesegang" a formation located in the municipality Vallehermoso. This natural phenomenon is 700 meters long and it is composed by rocks in the form of strips and rings of different thicknesses. Its yellow, orange and brown colors are caused by rust and iron; and it will provide you with a spectacular view to enjoy during your trip!

The second stop is the Natural Monument of the Organs. A great opportunity to admire a spectacular natural landscape that no one can miss when visiting La Gomera: the basaltic columns and volcanic rocks that rise in the form of organ pipes that give the impression as they are falling to the sea.

This wonder of nature is actually a large mass of magma that cooled quickly without coming out to the surface. The sea and its strong waves have sculpted this curious shape that we can contemplate today.

But this trip has much to offer than just the volcanic coast of La Gomera. You can also spot dolphins, whales, cetaceans, birds, and the beauty of the island's marine biodiversity from the boat. Therefore, the next stop is the ocean itself: enjoying the dolphins swimming in freedom in their natural habitat; immersing yourself in the calm waters of the sea; and enjoying a picnic on board with wonderful views. You can also snorkel, dive among schools of fish and discover the fascinating multicolored universe below the surface. An unique experience that you will never forget!