The planet Earth is our home, where we live billions of living beings, as Humanity we are endangering the sustainability and continuity of our planet with a consumeristic and aggressive lifestyle in the use of natural resources. We generate huge amounts of waste, non-biodegradable packaging, electronic waste and waste energy as if our sources were inexhaustible. We look for immediacy and comfort and forget about its high environmental impact.

We can all contribute our bit and become an active part of a way of living, more sustainable and respectful of the environment. We offer you some easy-to-follow tips to take care of our planet:

1- Do not throw anything in the trash if it can be repaired, recycled or reused, it may be useful for someone else.

2- Do not buy what you do not need, buy only what you need. Make a list before going to the market.

3- Make responsible use of water when you shower, brush your teeth or shave by turning off the tap when you soak or spread the toothpaste.

4- The water you use in the preparation of food, you can store it to later water your plants with it Water your plants or very early or late, to avoid evaporation by the sun and use water-saving hoses.

5- Use whenever you can cold water. Do not waste the water waiting for the hot water to come out.

6- Install in your house a system of double discharge in the toilet as each time the tank is completely emptied, 10 to 20 liters of water are lost.

7- Always fill the washing machine and the dishwasher before using them since putting a washing machine can cost up to 200 liters of water and a dishwasher 12 liters of water.

8- Repair the dripping faucets, because one drop per second is converted into 30 liters per day. In this way you will save water and money.

9- Use the paper on both sides, use it recycled and send it back to recycle. Rejects chlorinated bleached paper or those that do not have a sustainable forest management certificate "FSC".

10- Reduce the use of non-biodegradable containers.

11- Avoid products with PVC because they produce dioxins when they are incinerated and return or return plastic bottles to prevent plastic factories from producing more contaminants in the production of new containers.

12- Use glass, ceramic or biodegradable containers to store your food. Avoid cans, food over packaged, foods packed in trays of expanded polystyrene (white cork) or wrapped in transparent film or platinum paper as they are containers that are barely recovered or recycled.

13- Buy whenever you can in bulk products with your own cloth bag, eco-friendly, or biodegradable containers.

14- Bring expired medications to the pharmacy, do not throw them in the trash or the toilet.

15- Reduce the use of batteries and prioritizing the purchase of rechargeable batteries.

16- Disconnect electrical appliances from the network when not in use, because some devices such as TVs continue to consume power while they remain plugged in despite being turned off.

17- Consider the criteria of energy saving and certifications when buying new appliances. Spare unnecessary appliances that will only generate more electronic waste and increase energy consumption.

18- Uses low-power LED bulbs.

19- Do not squander heat when cooking and cover well the pots. Do not abuse air conditioning in summer or heating in winter.

20 - If you need the car to go to work, share it with other colleagues or neighbors. Try to use public transport and non-polluting means of transportation such as the bicycle or scooter.

There are many steps we can take to take care of the health of our planet and these, just a few tips ... of the many that you can follow to keep our environment clean and healthy.

At the hotel Jardín Tecina we have joined the United Nations Global Compact, actively committing ourselves to protecting the environment.