La Gomera is an island that captivates all of its visitors. Incredible landscapes, nature in its purest form, experiences that you enjoy with all your senses and an atmosphere filled with peace and tranquillity that invites you to relax. Many attractions make our island the ideal holiday destination. Today we will highlight 8 of the most essential ones that no visitor should miss on a trip to La Gomera.

  • Viewpoints. An extensive network of viewpoints from which to look out will allow you to discover the beauty of this island characterised by its terrain sculpted by the sea and the wind. An amazing experience for our visitors to enjoy one of the most spectacular views. The Agulo, Hermigua, San Sebastian or Vallehermoso viewpoints will reveal wonderful panoramic views that make this enclave a natural paradise.
  • Beaches. The beaches on La Gomera are synonymous with tranquillity. You will never forget sunbathing and taking long relaxing walks by the Atlantic ocean on La Gomera sands. From Santiago Beach, the closest to the Hotel Jardín Tecina and once again awarded the Blue Flag that accredits it as a quality beach, to virgin beaches such as Tapahuga which can be reached from the hotel through a walkway accessible to all our customers, the charms of the landscape and the crystal clear waters of "El Medio" Beach or the unique surroundings of Chinguarime Beach.
  • Garajonay National Park. If you want to enjoy a dream place during your visit to La Gomera, you should not miss the Garajonay National Park. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this is the natural heart of the island. Exploring the infinitely many trails that run through the park will lead you to get to know the millenary laurel forests that characterises it.
  • Playa de Santiago. Our hotel is in the quiet town of Playa de Santiago. Here you will be able to experience the feeling of a fishing village where the coastal landscapes with their crystal clear and calm waters stand out.
  • Vallehermoso. As the name suggests (beautiful valley in Spanish), it is a fantastic valley in which, in addition to its tropical landscape, many other wonders offered by nature in La Gomera can be observed, such as the Chipude Fortress and the Los Órganos Natural Monument.
  • San Sebastián de la Gomera. History is also a player on our island and the municipality of San Sebastian de La Gomera is a good example of this as it is closely linked to the figure of Christopher Columbus. There are many references to this historical figure here, as its port was the last place where the sailor stopped at before setting off for America.
  • Sunsets. No visitor to our island should leave without having a La Gomera sunset engraved on their eyes. Any corner can be the ideal place to enjoy this. From our hotel we watch sunset every day. This is something that makes us feel privileged and that we love to share with our guests.
  • Local products. La Gomera is tasty and the trip to our island will become a real gastronomic experience. Ñame, almogrote, guarapo or gofio are part of a gastronomy that is rich in flavours and textures that will surprise the most exquisite palate. And if you want to taste La Gomera in the most natural way, you can do this at the Hotel Jardín Tecina. Our Eco Finca Tecina produces 100% organic products that will go from our orchard to your table for our guests to enjoy, and they will also be able to discover the secrets of organic farming through guided tours of this unique and sustainable space.

An unforgettable experience awaits you in La Gomera and at the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

Now is the time to come and enjoy it.