The traditional Hawaiian massage, also called Lomi-Lomi Nui, is a wonderful way to get a total relaxation of body and mind. In fact, deep relaxation, is the most prominent feeling people have tried this amazing massage.
The meaning of Lomi-Lomi Nui is: "Massage from the center of being"
It is a relaxing massage and fluid, with gentle strokes and rhythmic movements imitating the waves of the sea. With deep full body rub, using forearms and hands. deep sea waves and soft as sensations are obtained as formerly along the seashore was applied on the beaches.

With more than 4,000 years old, it has its origin in the ancient knowledge of Hawaiian healers "Kaunas". Here, through the Huna philosophy they treated the body and mind. The Kaunas, this massage mimicked the waves, with its precise rhythm and swing, alternating the force of the waves with the softness of the water is calm. In Hawaiian culture, massage is an important element in their lives, newborn lomi-lomi receives during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum; the lomi-lomi woman receives at each stage of the important event men and women receive caresses, pampering, flowers and even life when life escapes, is the lomi-lomi makes the body to prepare for his departure massage.

The massage is done with oils, almost exclusively with forearms and elbows, working the whole body.
Forearms shockwaves on the body that are both relaxing and invigorating time are created. The aim is to achieve harmony body-mind facilitating the passage of energy fluids.
The professional works, with strong, rhythmic and intense maneuvers, each of the muscle groups.
His secret is simultaneously massaging various parts of the body, as if you were creating a wave. By massaging various parts of the body at once, the brain is not able to concentrate on all of them and eventually disconnected producing deep relaxation. The brain, is carried away by this rhythmic swing.

The massage is never equal nor for the practitioner or the client, since it works in an intuitive way, according to the need at that time massage can be slow, soft, intense or deep it is perceived.
It is ideal to be practiced by two therapists (four hands) massage, as in this case, it would be even deeper.
It is usually combined with the gem therapy (hot stones, called Pohaku) and aromatherapy (coconut oil and sweet almond). Masseurs, keep the stones a time when the energy points of the body (chakras and acupressure points), heat better through the tissues more easily reaching the deeper muscles. The body absorbs its heat and energy as it receives sunlight.

What can help us the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage?
It is highly recommended to prevent body tension, eliminate stress, depression and stimulates lymphatic circulation, toning muscles and mobilizing the joints. A therapy that treats both the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the human being, achieving deep relaxation.
When working on muscle tension, helps unblock and joint contractures; improving the drainage of fluids (lymph, blood), and helping to optimize the functioning of organs.
The Huna philosophy says that everything seeks love and harmony. This is directly related to the practice of Lomi-Lomi because, although the technique is an important part of the massage, you must be given that should be transmitted relaxation and sense of peace to the person receiving this massage.
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