Being able to fly is something we all have dreamed about, at least once, and this is the reason why birds’ world is exciting. Surely you have spent some time looking at the sky trying to figure out how birds fly almost without moving the wings.

La Gomera is the ideal place for bird watching, thanks to the intricate orography and ravines, which make the island a perfect place to see them.

If you still do not have any plan on your trip to La Gomera, we recommend you this recreational, and fantastic activity, also suitable for children. It does not require physical effort or training; the only essential equipment you need are your eyes, so grab your binoculars and a notebook to record date, time and place of sightings. If you can, try to aim everything you observe (beaks shapes, wings, colour). At the end of the day, you will be surprised by all the different birds’ species you have observed.

We have a wide variety of birds’ species due to the diverse set of ecosystems present in our island. Here you will be able to see not only those who live here all year round but also those who use the island as a resting point during their migratory trips.

Some seabirds can only be observed from the sea, take one of the excursion-trips in La Gomera, such as the excursion to Los Órganos Natural Monument to spot many different species aboard like the Fishing Eagle which is primarily found in trees or on cliffs.

Everyone can enjoy these excursions, but as the birds are in their natural habitat, it is important not to disturb them. Thus, during the trip, we should avoid making any noise that might scare them.

On the island of La Gomera, specifically in the laurisilva ecosystem, there are two symbolic and native’s species; the laurel pigeon and the turqué pigeon, both live in the Monteverde area.

On the coast, it is common to see gulls and shearwaters, and at the sea level, near to the agricultural or fishing activities, we can find the laughing dove, which is one of the most adapted species to human presence.

There are many more birds’ species, such as kestrels, partridges, herons, Gallinula chloropus, coots and alpispas living in humid areas, such as reservoirs or ponds.

At Hotel Jardin Tecina you will have the opportunity to observe some of the many birds throughout the island of La Gomera, as they have chosen our hotel and its surroundings as their home, so while you walk through our gardens, you will discover species such as the hoopoe, canaries, sparrows, the Canary Islands chiffchaff, the blackbird or the turtledove.

We invite you to discover this recreational activity and connect with nature in a unique way.