If you are passionate about diving or want to practice it for the first time ... we have good news for you: you have come to the ideal place, La Gomera. Its waters are known both for their transparency, allowing a visibility of up to 30 meters, and for their temperature, always around 20 degrees Celsius.

The passage of the Gulf Stream, the existence of great depths between the Islands and the shortage of submarine platforms of great extent, help to select the species that can live in these waters.

Its fauna and flora are closely related to the geographical situation of the island with respect to the continents of Africa and Europe. Only in the Canaries, there are more than 600 species of microalgae and 4 species of marine phanerogams.

As a consequence, species that are abundant in cold waters of the North Atlantic, species of warm waters or animals that live in the Eastern coasts of America, especially in areas of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

Its waters also contain numerous protected species that have been included in the Catalog of Threatened Species of the Canary Islands in the category of "sensitive to the habitat alteration" and whose capture or collection is totally prohibited, among them are: Corallistesnolitangere), the Canarian star (Narcissia canariensis) of intense red color, the coryte (Dendrophyllia laboreli) (stony corals, hard), the Canary lobster or mocha locust (Scyllarides latus), the spiny monkfish (Chilomycterus atringa) and the (Hippocampus hippocampus).

In the seabed, we can find different types of natural habitat of community interest: sand banks, always covered by sea water, shallow, with or without vegetation, sebadales, maërl communities, sand bottoms populated by banks of Garden eel, whitish zones, underwater caves, reefs ...

The most important dive points are: in the North, The Organs. In the West Punta Nose and Roque de Iguala. In the East, Hermigua, Punta Majona, Roque del Hero and Punta Avalo. In the South, in San Sebastián de la Gomera, the beach of the Cuevita and Agua Dulce.