Our 18-hole golf course is located on a spectacular coastal cliff with a unique sloping design, providing the golfer with an unparalleled experience and exclusive views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Tecina Golf is a versatile, different, and challenging golf course suitable for all players, designed by Donald Steel, a formal golf player, and one of the most renowned golf courses architects nowadays.

Most of the golf courses have distributed the holes on both sides of the clubhouse, however in Tecina Golf the configuration is different, our first hole is located at the top of the cliff from where you will see the whole course.

The design of our golf course is a challenge for experts and amateurs. Nevertheless, the real challenge is in your mind, not in the game.

When playing golf, the only opponent is you. You compete against yourself, not against others. Unlike team sports, such as football or basketball, in golf your success depends only on your own efforts.

Experts say that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical and technical skills. Both negative and positive emotions can influence the way you play, so if you can't handle stress, be aware that this could be a disadvantage.

Whether you play in a tournament or with friends, self-confidence is the main key to success. Believe in yourself and play with the conviction that you can achieve the goal you set for yourself.

If your mind tends to be distracted while playing, you may not be performing optimally. This will not be an issue in Tecina Golf thanks to its privileged location that allows utmost concentration.

In Tecina Golf, the beautiful landscape will delight your eyes, but undoubtedly you will be amazed by the views of the majestic Mount Teide when reaching the 7th hole, so take a deep breath and enjoy the nature that surrounds you because now you can focus on the game full of new energies.

Tecina Golf is the ideal place to practice or improve your swing. Additionally, our Golf Academy is open for those who want to learn to play golf.

We invite you to come out and play a round of golf in a place that truly sets itself apart. Tecina Golf is a challenging golf course, where we have taken care of every detail; for example, we have brought sand from Africa to cover the streets, the greens, and the tees.

You can also enjoy a pleasant game of golf during the winter since the average temperature in this season is 20ºC due to the excellent, and privileged weather conditions of the island.

Are you ready for an exciting and challenging round of golf?